China Championship 2018-Regulations

WCA Competition
This competition is recognized as an official World Cube Association competition. Therefore, all competitors should be familiar with the WCA regulations.
Notice: Please read this page carefully before you register. You are expected to be aware of all the regulations and possible fees.

About Registration

  1. The registration period is from June 1 20:00 to Sept 10 20:00. Only online registration is accepted.
  2. All registration must be done through Cubing China.
  3. WCA ID can found by searching by your name here:
  4. The registration period is divided into three phases. The 1st phase is from June 1 20:00 to Aug 1 19:59. The 2nd phase is from Aug 1 20:00 to Sept 2 19:59. The 3rd phase is from Sept 2 20:00 to Sept 10 20:00. Registration fees will increase during the last two phases.
  5. The registration fee consists of a basic entry fee and additional fees per event. Please check here to see the date and fees for each phase (On mobile click "more" to expand the fees table and scroll right).
  6. For Chinese mainland participants, a completed registration is online registration plus prepaid registration fee. For Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and overseas participants, there is an option to pay the registration fee via PayPal. If you have trouble paying fees, you can contact the delegate. Please check the competition website for registration and the other information.
  7. If you would like to cancel your registration, please do so through the registration page, you will get a 50% registration fee refund. Please keep in mind that, once you cancel the registration, you are not able to register again for the competition. The end of the registration cancellation is at 20:00 on Sept 8.
  8. Adding events after registration is completed can be done on the registration page.
  9. Changing events is not permitted.
  10. If and only if you cancel your registration on the website before the cancellation ending date, you will receive a 50% refund. Otherwise there is NO refund of registration fees.
  11. Competitors below the age of 18 must obtain consent from their parent(s)/guardian(s) to register and compete.
  12. The limitation is 1200 participants.

Qualifying Times

  1. You can register for any events you like when registration is open. However, you must meet the qualifying times before Sept 11 00:00. Qualifying times can be found here.
  2. All qualification results are based on WCA official results.
  3. After the Sept 11th qualification deadline, any registered events you have not qualified for will be removed from your registration.
  4. If you do not meet qualification requirements after Sept 11 for any registered events, your registration for that event will be deleted without a refund.


  1. Competitors must check themselves in during the specified time period.
  2. Competitors should follow the signage to check in. Other people are not permitted to enter the competitor checking-in area.
  3. Competitors must show their QR-code, which can be found on the registration page after registering, and any legal documents which can identify them.
  4. Those who were not able to pay via Alipay or PayPal, please pay your registration fee at check in.
  5. We will give you a name pass and an entry permit. Please keep them carefully.
  6. Competitors must bring their name pass for each solve. Competitors without a name pass will not be allowed to solve. Competitors who lose their ID can obtain a replacement name pass with the registration QR code, their personal government identification, and a fee of 150 yuan.

  7. There will be 3 different entry tickets for 3 days. Entry ticket is valid for only one day.
  8. Guests (see below) must check in at the guest window.

Entry Permit

  1. An entry permit is needed to enter the venue and any functional areas within. All competitors and guests are responsible for safely keeping their entry permit.
  2. The entry permit for each person is unique; please DO NOT resell your permit to others. Competitors and guests are responsible for keeping their permits.
  3. The name pass for this competition is not an entry permit. It CAN NOT be used to enter the venue or the functional areas.
  4. To enter the venue, all guests need to buy a ticket for their entry permit. Ticket are sold exclusively through Cubing China. Note that the ticket sale function is not online yet.
  5. Tickets date change and cancellation is possible. There will be administration fees for date change or ticket cancellation.
  6. All the information regarding ticket sales, including date and price, will be updated on the website and all registered competitors will be notified through emails.
  7. Competitors who are under 12 years old are eligible to buy one guest ticket at a discount price.

Additional Rules

  1. Competitors must use puzzles that are allowed according to the WCA regulations. When called, the competitor must be ready to compete.
  2. Eye masks are not provided at the venue. Please bring your own eye mask if you will compete in blindfolded events.
  3. Please bring puzzles that are properly functional. Modifications are allowed only if no advantage is gained, and must meet the WCA regulations.
  4. Time limit: Attempts which exceed this time will be judged as a DNF.
  5. Cutoff: The time a competitor must achieve within their first 1 or 2 solves in order to complete all attempts. All cutoffs for mean of 3 events (6x6 and 7x7) are in best of 1 format, while cutoffs for average of 5 events (all other events) are in best of 2 format.
  6. Competitors should respect the competition, obey venue rules and conduct themselves in a considerate manner. Please DO NOT talk loudly, damage venue property intentionally, or affect other people, etc.
  7. All competitors and guests should switch their phones into silent or vibrate mode after entering the venue. Please DO NOT use flash within the venue.
  8. Please DO NOT conduct any commercial or advertisement activities without permission from the organizing team.
  9. Please DO NOT bring any political symbols, including national flags, to the venue. We thank all the competitors and guests in advance for your cooperation.


  1. This competition is the China Championship. There will be two groups for podiums, the Greater China group and the official group.
  2. The official group will be awarded certificates, medals, and prizes. The greater China group will be awarded certificates, medals, prize money, and championship titles.
  3. Winners and runner-ups must attend the award ceremony. Otherwise, they are treated as abandoning their award.

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