2024-02-12 17:39 Tianyu Zhao

We are happy to announce that Perth, Western Australia will be hosting the 2024 WCA Oceanic Championship , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be hosting the 2024 WCA Asian Championship and Cape Town, South Africa will be hosting the 2024 WCA African Championship.

We would also like to thank Astana, Kazakhstan for applying for the WCA Asian Championship 2024.

2023-12-30 15:58 Ming Zheng

Shuda Huang (黄黍达) won the Shenzhen Open 2023 with an average of 6.94 seconds. Zijian Cai (蔡子健) finished second (7.09 seconds) and Kangze Wang (王康泽) finished third (7.14 seconds).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
Asia records: Ziyu Wu (吴子钰) Megaminx 26.96 seconds (average).
China records: Zijian Cai (蔡子健) 4x4x4 Cube 19.78 seconds (single), Ziyu Wu (吴子钰) Megaminx 25.28 seconds (single).
Macau records: Chan Sai Chong (陳世聰) Megaminx 54.08 seconds (single).