Maoming Open 2018-Schedule

The following schedule is proposed by the organizing team. Be aware that the organizing team may change it according to the actual situation. Please pay attention to the announced schedule at the venue to avoid missing your events.


Start TimeEnd TimeEventRoundFormatCutoffTime LimitCompetitors
08:0010:00 Registration
09:0009:30 3x3x3 With FeetFinalBest of 2/Average of 51 minute 30 seconds3 minutes
09:3010:30 3x3x3 CubeFirst roundAverage of 55 minutes
10:3011:00 2x2x2 CubeFirst roundAverage of 51 minute
11:0011:25 3x3x3 One-HandedFirst roundBest of 2/Average of 530 seconds1 minute
11:2511:45 PyraminxFirst roundBest of 2/Average of 530 seconds1 minute
11:4512:10 3x3x3 CubeSecond roundAverage of 51 minute30
12:1012:30 4x4x4 CubeFinalBest of 2/Average of 51 minute2 minutes
12:3013:30 Lunch
13:3014:00 5x5x5 CubeFinalBest of 2/Average of 51 minute 40 seconds3 minutes
14:0014:20 ClockFinalBest of 2/Average of 520 seconds50 seconds
14:2014:30 2x2x2 CubeFinalAverage of 51 minute10
14:3014:45 3x3x3 One-HandedFinalAverage of 51 minute10
14:4515:00 PyraminxFinalAverage of 51 minute10
15:0015:20 3x3x3 CubeFinalAverage of 51 minute10
15:2015:45 Award Ceremony
15:4516:00 Lucky Draw

  • Cutoff: The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a combined round (see Regulation 9g).
  • Time Limit: If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).
  • Competitors: The number of advancing competitors will not exceed 75% (see Regulation 9p2).
  • * The time limit for 3x3x3 multi-blindfolded is 10 minutes per cube, up to 60 minutes (see Regulation H1b).