Wuhan University League 2019

No.1178, Heping Avenue, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei
Zhenkun Liu
3x3x3 Cube, 2x2x2 Cube, 4x4x4 Cube, 3x3x3 One-Handed, Pyraminx, Funny Event
Entry Fee more
Events 2019-11-23 20:00:00
2019-12-07 20:00:00
Base Entry Fee  25
3x3x3 Cube  +0
2x2x2 Cube  +0
4x4x4 Cube  +0
3x3x3 One-Handed  +0
Pyraminx  +0
Funny Event  +0
Limited Number of Competitor
Registration Starting Time
2019-11-23 20:00:00
Registration Ending Time
2019-12-07 20:00:00
About the Competition

2019 Wuhan University League

1. Leader of the host team: Zhenkun Liu
,Yutong Guan;

2.Contact information of the host

Zhenkun Liu:QQ:1520348021,phone:15683336372(Wechat:k1520348021)

Yutong Guan:QQ:781330118,phone:18834061941

(Please try your best to call after 6 pm or on weekends, other times may be busy with your studies, so it is difficult to answer, thank you for your understanding.)

3.Staff group:818042487(The two-dimensional code is below the text area.)

4.For the third-order project, a new team will be set up, and the new team will be 2019 freshmen, and will be ranked separately.  It is strongly recommended that 2019 freshmen sign up!  (Please indicate that you are Grade 19 in the payment note)

5.In the end, all participating schools will be ranked in the total score, and the top three will have trophies.

6.This competition is publicized on the rough cake website. The contestant must submit an application on www.cubingchaina.com, and pay the corresponding application fee to the host through Alipay or Wechat. At the same time, note from your name and school//Grade 19 freshmen please indicate in the remarks that you are Grade 19 before completing the registration.

7. Players can voluntarily choose to join the Wuhan competition exchange group (the two-dimensional code is below)

8. Some players who are unable to participate in the team competition due to the small number of applicants in their schools but want to participate can choose friends from other universities as foreign aid (only one person) to join their team (the points gained from participating in the project are halved and incorporated into the team;  Please contact the person in charge of the school to submit the foreign aid list)

Contestants are limited to students in Wuhan colleges and universities. The name of the school shall be indicated in the remarks.。


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