Asian Championship 2016-Travel

Beijing Jingsong Vocational School Changying Campus, No.102 Yard, Zhuxinjiayuan, Caofang subway station, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang, Beijing
Travel Info

Take subway line 6 to Caofang (草房) station. Take exit D and walk west about 220 meters.

  • Beijing capital airport (PEK)
    Take the subway from the airport to Sanyuanqiao station (三元桥). Transfer to line 10 going clockwise toward Hujialou station (呼家楼). At Hujialou transfer to line 6 going east toward Caofang station (草房). The trip takes approximately two hours and costs 30RMB.
    A trip by taxi will cost approximately 80RMB.
  • Nanyuan airport (NAY)
    Take the airport bus to Dahongmen station (大红门). Take subway line 10 going counter-clockwise. At Hujialou (呼家楼) transfer to line 6 going east to Caofang. The full trip takes approximately one hour and 40 minutes.
    Taking a taxi will cost approximately 100RMB.

  • Competitors arriving by train or bus who have questions about transportation can contact the organization team.

Information about Chinese Visa
1. International participants need Chinese Visa to visit P.R. China. For detailed information regarding various types of Chinese Visa, please check out the link below.
2. We recommend all competitors to apply for a Tourist Visa.
3. We will only manage invitations for competitors with at least one time WCA competition experience. For guests and first-time competitors, please apply for a Tourist Visa.
4. If an invitation is needed, we will help you manage it. Please send your Visa application form (must be correctly FILLED with your SIGNATURE) along with the cover page of your passport (the page with your photo) to the email address below. And pls provide your WCA ID in the mail. You can also send a request for the application form to us, if you cannot find it elsewhere.
5. Invitations for Asian 2016 are issued by government-related organizations of China. We can only start to manage your invitation AFTER you send us your documents. Please send us your documents before 30th of June. We will also take care applications afterward. The related information will be updated soon. 
FYI: The application could take up to 2 or 3 weeks.

Information about accommodation

For competitors wish to find an alternative to hotels, we also list some nearby flats from Airbnb.

Flats for 2 people:option 1

                                option 2

Flats for 4 people:option 3

                                option 4

In Mainland China, booking period is normally around 30 to 90days. AC2016 Organizing Team will list some accommodation information timely, and recommend several reasonable-cost inns or hotels next to the venue.

Recommendation:  Hotel: 4-stars Beijing Lian Jie Hotel (北京连杰宾馆)
                               Cost: about 380 yuan per night for double room
                               Distance: 2.3 km from the venue

                               Booking link: Beijing Lian Jie Hotel

                            Hotel: 7Days Inn Beijing Changying Subway Station(7天连锁酒店(北京朝阳北路常营地铁站店)

                                   attention7Days Inn Beijing Changying Subway Station is able to accept anyone's booking, we will arrange volunteer to help you check-in

                                   Booking link: 7Days Inn Beijing Changying Subway Station

Information about Beijing Public Transit Card

Nonlocal competitors are recommended to apply for Beijing public transit card. During China National Day, plenty of tourists take the public transit. With this card, you can save time and avoid inconveniences from queuing, buying tickets and giving change.

Beijing Public Transit Card Application

Apply and charge the Beijing public transit card at issue/charge points authorized by Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card CO.,LTD. The  needs 20 yuan deposit for applying, and gets effective immediately. Deposit and balance will be returned when returning the Beijing public transit card. 

Beijing Public Transit Card Service:

Subway, bus (50% discount), some convenience stores and fast-food restaurants 

Cost:    Subway:Airport line: 25 yuan

                     Others: 3+ yuan (vary from distance)

             Bus:1+ yuan (vary from distance)

Beijing Public Transit Card Issue Points

Beijing Capital International Airport: T2/T3 Airport Express Line Ticket Office.

All subway stations.

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