Heibei University Union Cube League 2019

Lecture Group 102, New Campus Of Hebei University Of Science And Technology, No. 26, Yuxiang Street, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Jiezhuangdaxueshengmofanglianmeng Shi
3x3x3 Cube, 2x2x2 Cube, Pyraminx, Skewb, Funny Event, Team Event
Entry Fee more
Events 2019-10-26 20:00:00
2019-11-18 22:00:00
Base Entry Fee  25
3x3x3 Cube  +5
2x2x2 Cube  +5
Pyraminx  +5
Skewb  +5
Funny Event  +0
Team Event  +0
Limited Number of Competitor
Registration Starting Time
2019-10-26 20:00:00
Registration Ending Time
2019-11-18 22:00:00
About the Competition
Please read the rules page carefully before registration. Please bring your id card and student id (or prove your student identity).
1. Leader of the host team: Chen lanxin, wang lei
2. Contact information of the organizer
Shijiazhuang university students rubik's cube alliance: email: SJZDXSMFLM@163.com
Chen lanxin: QQ: 1019803207 tel: 150-3266-5121 email: sjzchenlanxin@aliyun.com
Wang lei: QQ: 1151037618 tel (same as WeChat) : 155-3196-3756
3. Competition communication QQ group: 866252924
4. The third-level competition offers new team and women's team.
Freshman group: freshman group is targeted at the students who are enrolled in full-time colleges and universities in hebei province in 2019.
Women's division: the women's division is for all women.
5. Team competition: the provincial team competition shall be registered in advance by contacting the organizer and confirming the list of 10 participants. And send the list and the name of the university to the union email (SJZDXSMFLM@163.com) before the competition. (see rules interface for details)
6. Integral system: the provincial competition adopts the integral ranking system based on the university, and the final university ranking will be based on the integral ranking. All new entrants will receive bonus points in any event. (refer to the rules interface for the point system)
7. Candidates who are not full-time college students in Hebei province shall not enjoy any awards. Therefore, the host team strongly does not recommend non-Hebei province full-time college students in the student registration
8. We look forward to more rubik's cube associations in colleges and universities in hebei province to communicate and exchange with us.
The host:
Shijiazhuang Rubik's cube sports association
Guiding unit:
Shijiazhuang sports federation
Hot training throughout Shijiazhuang
Organizers: Shijiazhuang university students Rubik's cube alliance
Rubik's cube association of Hebei university of science and technology
X-hands magic journey Rubik's cube association
Rubik's cube association of Hebei polytechnic institute
Rubik's cube society of railway university
Shijiazhuang sifang institute of railway Rubik's cube society
Rubik's cube society, shijiazhuang vocational and technical college
Hebei institute of traditional Chinese medicine rubik's cube enthusiasts association
Huaxin college of hebei university of geosciences
Shijiazhuang information engineering vocational college fingertip rubik's cube society
(expect more)

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