World Cube Association

WCA governs speedcubing competitions for Rubik’s Cube and some other twisty puzzles. It aims at organizing more competitions in more countries with more people and more fun, under fair and equal conditions and in a friendly atmosphere.

World Sport Stacking Association

WSSA promotes the standardization and advancement of sport stacking worldwide. It serves as the governing body for sport stacking rules and regulations and provides a uniform framework for sport stacking events; sanctions sport stacking competitions and records.


The most active international forum and global community on speedcubing.

MF8 Chinese Cube Club

The earliest Chinese cubing forum dedicated to speedcubing, including miscellaneous materials and professional information in twisty puzzles and other puzzles

Hong Kong Rubik’s Cube Union

The cubing community in Hong Kong, for news on cubing activities and speedcubing competitions in Hong Kong.


Taiwanese cubing club and forum, for discussing topics regarding twisty puzzles and speedcubing competitions in Taiwan.


The professional timer for speedcubing, csTimer supports scrambles of many types of puzzles include all the WCA official puzzle, and integrated with Xcross and eoline solver, time statistics and other functions. The designer, Shuang Chen, is the member of WCA Scrambler Team.