2015-01-02 07:39 Ming Zheng

Kailong Li (李开隆) won the Guangzhou New Year's Cube Day 2015 with an average of 10.37 seconds. Weixing Zhang (张炜星) finished second (10.69 seconds) and Kaijun Lin (林恺俊) finished third (10.70 seconds).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
Hong Kong records: Mok Man Kit (莫文傑) Skewb 5.94 seconds (single), Chan Tak Chuen (陳德泉) Rubik's Clock 11.44 seconds (single), Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩) Skewb 6.38 seconds (average), Chan Tak Chuen (陳德泉) Rubik's Clock 12.37 seconds (average).

2014-12-31 13:29 Ming Zheng

We are happy to announce that in the New Year's Eve of 2015, Cubing China is formally established! After a 6-month period of developing and testing, the basic function of Cubing China is completed. 
Besides, World Cube Association (WCA) has officially recognized Cubing China as the formal national organization for Chinese cubing community!
We will charge 1 CNY from every competitor in each competition next year, for the operating cost. Additionally, we accept your kind donation.
We appreciate your help and support sincerely, and we will develop more useful function for speedcubing competition. Hopefully we could promote the cubing in China together with our community. Thank you!

2014-12-23 22:47 Ming Zheng

We are happy to announce that the results page in Cubing China is fully established! Now you can check out the Results Page to see the personal rankings, official records, and other fun statistics.