Announcement on Competitions Return

2023-08-22 20:15 Ming Zheng

WCA competitions are orderly planned to return to Mainland China as of now. At the same time, non-WCA competitions are open to be reviewed and announced on Cubingchina.

Application period:
- For WCA competitions, the organizer should contact WCA delegates 60 days before the competition date, and submit the application on Cubingchina 45 days in advance. The competition must be announced at least 28 days before the start date of the competition.
- For non-WCA competitions, the application must be submitted 30 days before the competition date, and the competition must be announced at least 14 days before the starting date of the competition.

Application requirements:
- All organizers can fill the form on Cubingchina backpage to apply for the publicity of the competition and use the related functions of Cubingchina from the date of the announcement of the notice. The host team account needs to complete the registration on Cubingchina first. Please download (click me to download) the "Cubingchina Registration Form for the Hosting Team" and fill it out. After completing the form, mail it together with relevant information to Cubingchina admin account:
- WCA competitions will be returned in an order phase. At the current stage, the organizers need to send the competition draft plan (including the team, venue, organization, schedule etc.) to the delegates mailbox ( for pre-review. After the review is passed,  the organizer can fill in the competition application on the back page of Cubingchina.

Dues system:
1. The dues for the Cubingchina is ¥2 x number of competitors x competition days; the number of competitors is based on the limit of the competitors announced, and the number of competition days is determined according to the actual number of days, and less than one day is counted as one day.

2. WCA competitions also charge dues based on the WCA Dues System Policy, which is a percentage of the basic registration fee (15% in 2023 and will remain 15% in 2024 based on the current polity), will be withheld by Cubingchina and paid to WCA.