Call for Applicants - WMT Members (February 2022)

2022-02-22 14:46 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Marketing Team (WMT) is seeking new members!

What does the WCA Marketing Team do?

The WMT is responsible for managing WCA relationships with external partners as well as working closely on the WCA Brand, including WCA merchandise, social media engagement and market research and promotion of large events.

Here are some of the key projects the WMT is working on -

  • Merchandising:
    • You may have seen the launch of the WCA Merchandise Store - the WMT is seeking members who can help develop and grow the merchandising, this is a great opportunity for someone who’s passionate about growing the WCA brand and reach through merchandising.
  • Sponsorships & Contracts
    • WMT works with current WCA sponsors like Spin Master, and also works on exploring potential opportunities for the WCA (global and local scales). Candidates who have worked on getting sponsorships for competitions they have organized, or regional organizations they have been part of are strongly encouraged to apply and shape the future of the WCA.
  • Championship Support
    • Closely related to the last point, WMT is looking for members who can help market the continental championships, as well as the world championships - specifically in promoting the WCA brand and growing our reach in order to gain as many competitors and spectators as possible, both in person and online.

The application is open to all WCA members. Potential applicants do not have to hold a current position to be considered.

Requirements for Applicants

  • Interest and/or experience in marketing the WCA Brand
  • Approximate 5 - 10 Hours time commitment per week
  • Creative mind, and the ability to work within a team
  • Familiarity in dealing with merchandising/sponsorships/vendor management is a plus

Applicants should submit a PDF application including a brief personal introduction, their involvement with the WCA, their motivation for applying to the WMT, and any relevant experience or skills.

Applications should be sent to from now until March 16th, 2022, 23:59 UTC to be considered.