Cubingchina | Special Notes on Competition Application and Announcement

2021-03-20 16:02 Chenxi Shan

In order to improve the standard of the competition application, making cubers know the information of competitions accurately when announced, the Cubingchina team will strengthen the review of competition applications from now on.

The basic information of the competition, including but not limited to venue, competitors limit, groups of winners’ podiums, are not allowed to changed technically, after the competition is announced.

In case of special circumstances, if there is a need for changes of the information, an application must be submitted to the Cubingchina team, then the Cubingchina team will review the it based on the actual condition of the corresponding competition. Herein, it is particularly mentioned that the confirmation of the competition information is the prerequisite for the announcement, and the organizers must pay attention to all the process through the competition application and announcement.

The Cubingchina team objects to the addition of awarding groups (such as Nanchang Good Morning/Afternoon 2021, Shaoxing Morning/Afternoon 2021,), The organizer team that violates the rules will cancel its qualification to host the competition on Cubingchina.