2015-10-05 06:18 Baiqiang Dong

Feliks Zemdegs won the China Championship 2015 with an average of 7.45 seconds. Collin Burns finished second (7.69 seconds) and Mats Valk finished third (7.98 seconds).
The Chinese champion goes to Jiayu Wang (王佳宇) (8.21), and the runners-up goes to Wong Kin Lok (黃健樂) (9.49) and Lin Chen (陈霖) (9.56).
Full results are on the Cubing China page.
World records: Feliks Zemdegs 4x4 Cube 21.54 seconds (single), Feliks Zemdegs 5x5 Cube 47.25 seconds (single), Kaijun Lin (林恺俊) 3x3 blindfolded 21.05 seconds (single), Feliks Zemdegs 5x5 Cube 50.23 seconds (average).
Asia records: Yueh-Lin Tsai (蔡岳霖) 5x5 Cube 1:01.50 (average), Jiayu Wang (王佳宇) 3x3 one-handed 12.77 seconds (average), Lin Chen (陈霖) 7x7 Cube 2:49.45 (average), Lin Chen (陈霖) 6x6 Cube 1:56.23 (single), Kaijun Lin (林恺俊) 5x5 blindfolded 7:02.25 (single).
Oceania records: Feliks Zemdegs 6x6 Cube 1:38.32 (single).
Europe records: Mats Valk Rubik's Cube 7.34 seconds (average).
North America records: Antoine Cantin 3x3 with feet 33.54 seconds (single), Antoine Cantin 3x3 with feet 38.68 seconds (average).
Hong Kong records: Wong Kin Lok (黃健樂) Rubik's Cube 9.49 seconds (average), Chau Ka Wai (周嘉偉) 2x2 Cube 2.96 seconds (average), Wong Kin Lok (黃健樂) 3x3 one-handed 15.61 seconds (average), Wong Kin Lok (黃健樂) 3x3 fewest moves 35.00 turns (average), Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩) Pyraminx 5.46 seconds (average), Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩) 6x6 Cube 2:24.14 (average), Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩) 7x7 Cube 3:47.62 (average), Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩) Pyraminx 4.15 seconds (single), Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩) 6x6 Cube 2:17.46 (single), Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩) 7x7 Cube 3:17.85 (single).
Netherlands records: Mats Valk 5x5 Cube 1:01.86 (average), Mats Valk 3x3 fewest moves 27.67 turns (average), Mats Valk 4x4 Cube 25.57 seconds (single), Mats Valk 5x5 Cube 57.24 seconds (single).
USA records: Collin Burns 3x3 one-handed 12.54 seconds (average).
China records: Xiaojie Jiang (蒋孝杰) 3x3 with feet 34.56 seconds (average), Yi Wang (王旖) Pyraminx 3.23 seconds (average), Kailong Li (李开隆) 5x5 Cube 58.47 seconds (single), Haichuan Du (杜海川) 3x3 with feet 30.32 seconds (single).
Canada records: Antoine Cantin Pyraminx 3.83 seconds (average), Antoine Cantin Rubik's Clock 6.68 seconds (single).
Taiwan records: Yueh-Lin Tsai (蔡岳霖) 7x7 Cube 3:20.17 (average), Yueh-Lin Tsai (蔡岳霖) 7x7 Cube 3:14.83 (single).
India records: Shivam Bansal 4x4 blindfolded 4:02.30 (single).