2021-03-20 16:02 Chenxi Shan

In order to improve the standard of the competition application, making cubers know the information of competitions accurately when announced, the Cubingchina team will strengthen the review of competition applications from now on.

The basic information of the competition, including but not limited to venue, competitors limit, groups of winners’ podiums, are not allowed to changed technically, after the competition is announced.

In case of special circumstances, if there is a need for changes of the information, an application must be submitted to the Cubingchina team, then the Cubingchina team will review the it based on the actual condition of the corresponding competition. Herein, it is particularly mentioned that the confirmation of the competition information is the prerequisite for the announcement, and the organizers must pay attention to all the process through the competition application and announcement.

The Cubingchina team objects to the addition of awarding groups (such as Nanchang Good Morning/Afternoon 2021, Shaoxing Morning/Afternoon 2021,), The organizer team that violates the rules will cancel its qualification to host the competition on Cubingchina.

2021-03-18 17:50 Tianyu Zhao

We are happy to announce that we have a new Team Leader, Saransh Grover. He will become the new Leader of the WCA Marketing Team (WMT) and was already working as a Member of the Team.

Saransh was selected by the WCA Board and approved in a vote among the current Committee Leaders and Senior Delegates, following Section 4 of our Motion about WCA Committees and Teams.

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2021-03-17 00:00 Baiqiang Dong

Dear Cubingchina members,

Due to technical problems, the registration system of Hangzhou Open AM/PM 2021 got malfunctioned, as the registration is open at 22:00 on March 10, 2021.
After internal discussions and application to the WCA Board, the following arrangement is set:
Increase the competitors limit of both competitions, so that all the players who paid the registration fee in the waiting list will enter the competitors list
Therefore, the updated competitors limits of Hangzhou Open AM and PM 2021 are 103 and 90, respectively.
Prepaid registrants in the waiting lists should pay attention to the competitors list updates of these two competitions. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please also note that, the registration fee paid repeatedly will be refunded to the corresponding payment account soon.
Thank you again for your attention and support to these competitions!

2021-03-06 23:11 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Software Team is seeking new members! The WST plays a central role in the WCA by developing, scaling, and maintaining the software solutions that help the organization handle the continuous community growth.

Some examples of such software solutions are:

  • The WCA website, that you are probably browsing on a regular basis.
  • TNoodle, the scrambles library and its frontend, used by all Delegates during competitions.
  • WCA Live, which is the main platform for score taking and getting live results during competitions.

All WST projects are open source and hosted on the organization's GitHub.

While anyone is encouraged to apply, we are also looking for some specific roles - and if you fit these requirements, please let us know in your application:

  • Project Manager: Manage tasks and issues along with priorities on Github as well as managing any software needs from WCA teams/committees and keep them up to date.
  • Client Side Developer: Work on the user-facing parts of the WCA Website including working on the ongoing project of porting parts of the site to React. Enhance user experience and satisfaction.
  • Developer Operations: Work on deployment strategies (our platform runs on AWS) and address any issues/improvements to be made.

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