2021-09-22 20:32 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Ethics Committee (WEC) is seeking new members to help them with their mission! The applications are open to everyone; it’s not a requirement to hold a current position in the WCA to be considered.

What does the WEC do?

  • Maintaining and updating the Code of Ethics.
  • Ensures that all procedures followed by WCA Staff abide by the Code of Ethics.
  • Performs independent investigations if any WCA Staff member is not compliant with said Code of Ethics.
  • Confidant for Registered Speedcubers that request investigations.
  • Functions as the board of appeal if any involved party disagrees with a decision made by the WCA Disciplinary Committee.

The official rights and duties of the WEC are documented in WCA Motion 10.2021.4.

The qualities and requirements expected of candidates are:

  • Clear background
  • Personal time management skills
  • Ability to discuss reasoning and ideas
  • Familiarity with WCA activities

The application period is open for applicants to submit their application documents from now until October 3rd, 2021, 23:59 UTC to Blake Thompson (bthompson@worldcubeassociation.org).

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2021-09-13 08:00 Mengying Yang

We are pleased to announce that Jie Liu, Yisu Wang, and Jiaxin Chen have joined the WCT China team as Quality Assurance members.

They joined the China team through an open application process during the summer of 2021. All of them passed both the CV and interview selection and have accomplished a 3-month internship. All three of them have shown a capable ability to fulfill daily tasks with consistent quality. Hence, the WCT has welcomed them as official WCA staff members of the WCT China Team.

We believe that  Jie Liu, Yisu Wang, and Jiaxin Chen will successfully fulfill their new role in the China team and wish them the best for the new journey.

2021-09-06 20:51 Tianyu Zhao

After many hours of discussions amongst the WCA Board, Senior Delegates, and hearing wider Staff feedback over the past months, the Board will be changing the Competition Safety Policy (WCSP) in the following ways:

  1. Local requirements and legislation will take the place of case counts in announcement determination. Relevant local requirements and legislations must be followed by organizers, Delegates, and competitors of WCA-recognized competitions.
  2. 1 case per million population (7-day rolling average) will still remain as the restrictionless limit.
  3. Competitions are still expected to follow the WCSP. For any deviations or exemptions from the WCSP, the Senior Delegate or Regional Delegate must approve these via the safety submission by the Delegate of the competition.

As conditions are starting to improve in areas well enough to hold a competition, we ask for your patience as local Delegates and organizers understand what new procedures will need to be followed to run a competition safely. Competitions may not return immediately once they are able and when they do, they may not be set up in the way competitions were run before COVID-19 was prevalent, so the community’s adaptability will be needed in this time of transition.

We thank you for your understanding so far and we hope to see you at our competitions again in the future!

2021-08-31 21:01 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Quality Assurance Committee has implemented the Scramble Accountability Policy through discussion and collaboration with the WCA Regulations Committee (WRC) and feedback from the Board, Senior Delegates, and Committee/Team Leaders.

The purpose of this policy is to define standards of how official WCA Scrambles must be treated and will be enforced by the WRC. The policy is targeted towards WCA Delegates and competition organization teams for giving instructions on how they ensure scramble integrity through the standards of scrambles and scrambling, and venue setup standards.

We welcome your thoughts and questions through a post on the WCA Forum or an email to quality@worldcubeassociation.org.

2021-08-17 20:40 Mengying Yang

We are pleased to announce that Tianyu Zhao has been appointed as the Project Management Lead of the WCT China team, as Chenxi Shan is stepping down from the role.

Tianyu joined the WCT China team in Oct. 2018, working on translation tasks, and became the translation team leader in Oct. 2019. As one of the most valuable members of the WCT China team, his dedicated effort was appreciated by many.

We believe that Tianyu will successfully lead the China team to new milestones, and best wishes to him for this new journey.

2021-08-14 21:38 Tianyu Zhao

There will be an appointment of a new WCA Results Team (WRT) Leader, as Sébastien Auroux is stepping down from his position as the Leader of the Team. We would like to thank Sébastien for the work he has done in this position.

The application is open to all WCA members. Potential applicants do not have to hold a current position to be considered.

Candidates are expected to fulfill their terms (24 months) and to spend at least 5 hours per week on average to work for the committee. The qualities expected of candidates are:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical thinking
  • Experience with SQL (MySQL) and programming are beneficial, but not strictly mandatory

The application period for candidates to submit their candidacy documents is from now until September 1st, 2021, 23:59 UTC. Interested candidates can send the application privately to the WCA Board (board@worldcubeassociation.org).

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2021-08-08 16:32 Tianyu Zhao

The WCA Board has decided on the following guidelines in order for a competition to be approved:

Reference: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus

Country case counts less than 1 per million:

  • Senior Delegate may approve the competition restrictionless meaning the organizers do not need to follow the ‘holding of competitions’ section of the WCA Competition Safety Policy
  • Senior Delegates should consider the ability to travel from areas of more prevalent infection before approving a competition as restrictionless.

Country case counts less than 50 per million:

  • Senior Delegate may approve the competition
  • Competition safety plan should be reviewed showing consideration for the ‘holding of competitions’ section of the WCA Competition Safety Policy
  • A competitor limit may be approved to a maximum of 1 attendee per 2 square meters (1 competitor per 4 square meters)
  • No action is required if case numbers rise above 50 per million (unless case counts exceed 100 per million) except checking that the safety plan is suitable for the increased number

Country case counts less than 100 per million:

  • Board will be in charge of competition approvals
  • Competition safety plan will be reviewed through our google form link and the plan should completely cover the ‘holding of competitions’ section of the WCA competition safety policy
  • Competitions will be approved up to a maximum of 1 attendee per 3 square meters (1 competitor per 6 square meters)
  • If case numbers rise above 100 per million in the period of 2 weeks to 7 days before the competition then it will be cancelled except for when the following section applies.

Country case counts less than 200 per million:

  • No new competitions will be announced if the country is above 100 per million cases.
  • Already announced competitions may proceed provided they meet the following 3 requirements:

    • Greater than 50% of the population has received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
    • All attendees are required to have received the final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before the competition or show a negative COVID-19 test from no more than 96 hours before the start of the competition. The organizer/Delegates must verify proof of this from all attendees before they enter the venue
    • All points in the WCA Competition Safety Policy are to be strictly adhered to throughout the duration of the competition.
  • If case numbers rise above 200 per million in the period of 2 weeks to 7 days before the competition then it will be cancelled without exception.

2021-08-07 22:52 Ming Zheng

Dear competitors,

We are sorry to inform you that the competitions, Guangzhou Cubing Heat 2021, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

All paid fees will be 100% refunded. Competitors who have cancelled their registration will receive another 50% refund too. Please wait in patience for the refund. If you have any questions, please contact the organizers and/or delegates.

Stay safe.